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Xena Warrior Princess #1
Cover by David Finch
Written by:  Meredith Finch
Art by: Vicente Cifuentes
Dynamite Entertainment
The path to redemption is never easy, and the journey of a warrior princess seeking to wash the blood of innocents from her hands is no exception. Xena travels to Athens to plead for redemption in the temple of Eleos. but some things can never be forgiven and the shadows of past sins are long. Will Xena find redemption or betrayal waiting for her in the temple of the gods? The power, the passion, the danger, her courage would change the world.
I have been a huge fan of Wonder Woman for as long as I can remember. I started watching Xena: The Warrior Princess starring Lucy Lawless a year ago and I ended up binge watching the entire series over one weekend. There are many similarites between the two characters and If your a fan of Wonder Woman  you more than likey are going to love Xena as well.
I was very excited when I learned Xena was recieving a new comics series. I made sure I added the title to my pull subscribtion here at Mad Ox Games and Comics. The first issue’s introduces Xena and her world to a new group of readers, Finch and Cifuentes have given us an issue that is simple and fun to read, an exciting action-heavy issue with a tiny glimpce at the exciting adventures to come in the following issues.