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Venom“Buddy, you live in New York City. Learn to mind your own business.” – Eddie Brock

Kraven the Hunter has returned to NYC…well, at least to its sewers, anyway. He’s found a new prey, which just happens to be the same dinosaur people that Venom (Eddie Brock & his symbiote) have sworn to protect. Oddly enough, the symbiote feels more responsible for them than Eddie, which is a drastic change from the first go-around these two had as the combined Venom.

Venom comes face-to-face with Kraven in the defense of his people, and manages to take a bullet for his troubles. A big bullet. Looks like Kraven might be around for a few more issues of this Marvel Legacy title.

The art by Mark Bagley works so well for Venom, mostly because of my rose-colored glasses from the 90s and his time spent on the original incarnation of the character in the Amazing Spider-Man title. The writing is keeping true to the characters, although the symbiote and Eddie have had many different life experiences over the past few years so their viewpoints have flipped.

I’ve been keeping up with Venom’s exploits loosely until now, but this latest Legacy launch has hooked me back in. Here’s hoping they don’t go too heavy with the various symbiote anytime soon.

Title: Venom #156
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Mark Bagley
Inker: John Dell & Scott Hanna
Colorist: Dono Sanchez-Almara
Lettering: VC’s Clayton Cowles


Review By: Jason Stephens