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Take advantage of our free subscription services today! This is a free service, all you pay for is the comics when you pick them up at our physical store or $5.95 Flat Rate shipping. However, if you get 7 or more comics shipping is free! We ask that you pick up or ship your comics monthly. Thanks!

Subscription notes for all subscribers:

  • Must have 2 kinds of contact info (phone number, email, or two phone numbers)
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Bronze Level

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  • Recieve free bag and board for all comics.

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  • Recieve bag and board for free with comics, plug free bag and board for all comic purchases made from rock.
  • Guaranteed to recieve their pull, even if we are shorted.

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  • Free bag and board for all comics.
  • Subscribers get a FREE Marvel and Diamond catalog each month.

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  • Subscribe to 21+ comics each month.
  • Must pick up or ship comics twice a month.
  • Free bag and board for all comics.
  • Diamond level comics are pulled first, so there is a 99% fill rate.
  • 5% of purchases in store, as long as comics are picked up each week.
  • Free Diamond, Marvel, and DC previews each month.