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Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Comic Captain Phasma teams up with pilot TN-3465 in mad pursuit of Lieutenant Rivas, who holds information that could prove dangerous for Phasma. She cannot have this and will stop at nothing to do away with Rivas and protect her secret. Crammed in a small tie fighter, Phasma and TN-3465 must follow Rivas without alerting the First Order officer of their presence.

The artwork in this issue is beautiful and really keeps the reader’s eyes enticed and engaged. I enjoyed this issue better than the first as we get an even clearer understanding of who Phasma really is. She is still a mysterious figure but her layers are being unveiled little by little. I know that reading this comic will help me enjoy watching The Last Jedi even more. No longer is Phasma a flat character in a shiny suit, we are getting to know her and just what she is capable of.

I give this comic 5 adorable BB8s rolling through the sand. How can you get better than that!

Review by: Jessie Wyatt