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I’m a huge Star Wars fan, loved every movie – yes even the Prequels – and have read several of the books. However, I’ve never read any of the comics and when I saw Issue #1 of Captain Phasma sitting on the shelves at Mad Ox Games and Comic’s London, Kentucky location I knew I had to get it. I really liked Captain Phasma in the Force Awakens and felt she was totally underutilized. Her shiny, awesome outfit was enough by itself to make her stand out. And let’s just face it, she’s the hottest thing to come out of the First Order, amiright? 😛

I really enjoyed this fast-paced first issue of the the Captain Phasma comic. It gave some insight into her hardened personality and how she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She is a strong female character in the Star Wars saga and is even more intriguing because she is part of the First Order. I have so many questions about this mysterious and badass character and I’m hoping this series answers some of them.

I give this comic 4 ½ blaster rifle shots!

Review by: Jessie Wyatt