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Marvel’s latest event, Generations, shows This follows from the ending to Marvel’s Secret Empire, which brought back the old Steve Rogers, but also left several unanswered questions concerning not only his fate but also the fate of the then-current Captain America, aka. Sam Wilson.

Sam Wilson, best known as the Falcon, took up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers lost the Super Soldier Serum, reverting him to his natural age. When Steve regained his youth, the two began sharing the title, but the shield remained with Sam. What Sam didn’t know was that Steve had been altered by the Cosmic Cube and transformed into the Marvel Universe’s mostly deadly villain. This new, evil Steve gave the Marvel Universe all it could handle in the controversial event, Secret Empire. At the end of the story, the true Steve Rogers is back.

After the events of Secret Empire, Sam knew what Steve would be going through and decided to seek him out. He tossed him the shield from a rooftop and gave him a letter. The letter told Steve to “inspire them again”. Steve is back to being the only Captain America again, while Sam has returned to the present to headline his own series, The Falcon, along with a new partner called the Patriot. After returning to the Falcon identity, Sam’s first major antagonist will be Blackheart, the son of Mephisto.