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So, three women are the sole law enforcement in Redlands, Florida. They also just happen to be witches– and the townspeople are oddly under their command, to a degree. Yet, despite all of these things, there is a serial killer loose in Redlands and the powerful trio can’t seem to stop him.

The killer has been dubbed “Rembrandt” by the media thanks to his penchant for using the blood from his victims to paint massive canvases and leave them at the scene of the crimes. Known only to the three women investigating the crimes, he is using alchemy to keep from being traced, and (after an enlightening phone call to Detective Bridget Bishop) most importantly of all: he knows the truth.

As the sisters sacrifice a local cheerleader for their solstice rituals, they attempt to make a plan to stop Rembrandt. Having multiple women going missing will surely put a damper on keeping out of the national press, and know one wants the FBI to get involved.

So far, Redlands has went in a different direction than I first assumed through most of issue one– and I like that. The protagonists obviously have their own dark side and yet, they have an antagonist that could prove to be terrifyingly worse.

The characterization has stayed consistent and you start seeing more of the individual personalities of the three main characters. The art keeps to its dark, fluidly inked style, and the coloring works perfectly with it.

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Title: Redlands #2
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jordie Bellaire
Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Lettering: Clayton Cowles

Review By: Jason Stephens