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Ragman Comic BookRory is the only man in his unit to return from a deployment in Israel. A deployment which just so happens to include his group attempting to rob a vault within the walls of a holy temple. Things went sideways, beings with glowing eyes attacked and somehow Rory survived—but he has no recollection as to how.

All is revealed, however, as the seeming king sentient strips of cloth wrap themselves around Rory’s body, engulfing him until he is no longer recognizable as the blonde soldier, and now stands (on the side of a building) as a heavily-wrapped, glowing monstrosity. He is directed by a voice only he can hear to make his way across the city to the site is an attack currently taking place. A battle ensues with a monster, the voice(s) get stronger, and Rory starts to come to a realization about his new abilities— just as he’s forced into a battle back at his father’s store, with the life of his father in the balance.

Ragman has been a DC staple on and off for years, and this latest relaunch seems to be going in a great direction. The PTSD aspect and soldier support group is going to obviously continue to be an aspect of the story, but one they’re handling well so far. The art has a very realistic tone, and the military hardware looks spot on. Also, the overall appearance of the new Ragman reminds me of something very Spawn-esque— and I don’t mind that a bit.

Title: Ragman #1
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Ray Fawkes
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colorist: Eva De La Cruz
Lettering: Josh Reed

Review By: Jason Stephens