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Ragman Comic Book ReviewThe grim, gritty yet explosive first installment of the new 6 part Ragman miniseries is out now boys and gals. It’s a modern take on the classic “Jewish Golem” superhero, in line with DC’s many other “Rebirth”ed titles it is a fresh coat of paint on what stuff actually works. Regan Rory, the family shop, the soul-devouring suit: All the classic elements are present and accounted for, only this time around the tone is a bit more intense while also feeling more relatable. Regan’s struggles with things like PTSD and finding his place in the civilian world after military duty and many other deeper humanizing aspects usually absent in Ragman origin stories will really hit home.How Rory gets the suit, it’s initial power reveals and what kinda man he has rarely been presented this efficiently as linear as what we get here.Anyone who’s ever been the least bit curious about Ragman or any of DC “lesser” known characters like him will definitely be pressed to find an easier jump on point than what this #1 provides.

The real winner of this soon to be sleeper hit has to be the art itself, the cover alone tells a much deeper story than what you first expect. Yet this only hits you just how well done the illustration is after you’ve finished it, and no not typical 20/20 hindsight ha ha, once you’ve really read it and got a feel for the true vibe here you’re gonna get a brand new appreciation for the strength of storytelling cover artist Gillem March possess in just one image. Needless to say, the interiors aren’t any less impressive. While the tone is very realistic even grim the art has a way of balancing seriousness with almost viewing parts through a sepia lens w.o discoloration. Even without captions, you get a solid feel of what it’s like to be present during Regan Rory’s past as if the pictures are actually him telling you the story firsthand around a campfire or over a cold pint at some dive.

Bottom line Ragman takes a leap and blends Middle Eastern mysticism with Gotham like noir grit and massively succeeds in its opening salvo, TREAT YO SELF and pick up this issue with the quickness.

Writer: Ray Fawkes
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colorist: Eva de la Cruz

Review By: Kenneth Bowden