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Phoenix ResurrectionWriter: Matthew Rosenberg
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu

Now let me start off with saying that I’m not the biggest Jean Grey fan. Furthermore, I don’t
know much about the character besides a bit of the Dark Phoenix Saga. But, I can say honestly
that this is an excellent book. Character wise it has a big list with it combing both Gold and Blue
teams along with some other Marvel characters like the All-New Wolverine. With it being the
first of the five-part series, it mainly just does some setting up of the plot as expected. However,
it does throw some interesting curveballs that may shock some readers. And as expected with the X-Men books and characters now it can be a bit confusing on what is happening. (Especially that ending page just threw me in for a loop) Along with the suspenseful story comes some excellent art. Just from looking at the regular cover you know that it will look fantastic. The colors pop well and really show the difference in design for each character. That and the handful of double-page panels show that it is a spectacle to be seen. All in all, it is an excellent book and I’m excited to see what the future issue hold.