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Nightwing #39

Art by:Matt Santorelli, Phil Jimenez, Jamal Campbell
Cover by:Phil Jimenez
Variant cover by:Yasmine Putri
Written by:Sam Humphries

Man oh man lemme tell ya something, rarely is it Bat family books introduce new villains who really leave an impact but Sam Humphries is defying the norm. Lately DC’s former Boy Wonder Dick Grayson aka Nightwing has been up to his neck in bodies caused by the corrupting influence of a villain called only “The Judge”. Long and short of it imagine Killgrave from Netflix’s Jessica Jones series running amok in the ever corrupt Bludhaven but with “altruistic” motives. Essentially the guy can manipulate minds by giving them monkey paw wishes “you wanna be free of drugs, cool I got you!” well guess what you can’t “score” when you get locked up for a murder I needed done and that sort of thing. Nightwing who’s revealed he’s attempted to stop the Judge as Robin twice and failed both times has finally gotten within an inch of getting the job done finally. But all is not well, The Judge refuses to go down fighting, after revealing his metahuman abilities last issue this time he’s just a half step ahead of Nightwing and has him at his mercy as he explains a possible origin to the charismatic villain (yeah I know pretty old school stuff their but trust me it works). Bottom line, Nightwing is up a creek without a paddle but still so, so, so close to taking down a villain who’s eluded him for years. Now whether he’ll survive and catch The Judge after the situation he’s left in at the end of this issue well only time will tell. A graciously written issue with outstanding flashback art by legend Phil Jimenez, Nightwing #39 is a pulse pounder not to be missed.