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Writer- Tim Seeley
Artists-Paul Pelletier/Andrew Hennessy/Adriano Lucas

With Dark Nights Metal now in full effect, things are going all kids of haywire in the lives of the DCU’s greatest heroes and Dick Grayson aka Nightwing is no exception. Now leading a rag tag bunch; Green Arrow, Robin (Damian Wayne),Harley Quinn and Killer Croc to get answers about why Gotham has suddenly gone screwy even for Gotham, Nightwing is left to ponder his role in all these things and is reminded of dark premonitions invoked by his latest run-in with Dr.Simon Hurt and his evil doppleganger Deathwing!

Needless to say that is plenty enough of a mess to make for one really exciting issue of Nightwing but when you add on even more mystery like where exactly is Batman in all this? What is this mysterious sphere leading Nightwing and his allies into more danger and on top of it all how is Dick gonna deal with a supercharged Mr.Freeze on the warpath? Excitement is lacking in no departments here. While I’m usually weary of events that require lots of tie ins, DC is doing a great job with them so far. This installment may not be absolutely essential to the main story but it does provide some insights into what’s going on with the dark denizens invading Earth Zero as well as what the heroes and villains are up to while everything is going to Hell. Not to mention unlike most tie ins this one actually makes you sit back and wonder, just what role does Nightwing play in this as some hints into his future and some seeds from his past as both Nightwing and Batman are brought back into the light. If you are already enjoying Metal and/or are a fan of Nightwing and the Bat family and their allies (and frenemies) you’ll definitely wanna cop this issue to keep up with the action. If you haven’t had a chance to read any of Metal this is also definitely a solid chance to spark your interest into the bigger story as well.

Review By Ken B.