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Published: December 2017
Rating: G+
Writer: Sina Grace
Artist(s): Robert Gill
Cover Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
The Orphans of X strike with the newly acquired power of the Muramasa Blade- and the results aren’t pretty! A blade feared by really anyone with a healing factor Laura, Gabby, Daken and their family rush to escape from the Orphan’s reach, but you’ll learn this issue just how far they’ve spread. This is probably the first issue of this story arc that hasn’t given me a sense of panic for the characters, well no more than usual, and provides some very uplifting moments- like a good part of them are some of the best Gabby moments in the whole series. While it is definitely not entirely heart wrenching as the previous issues towards the end this one will shock you and really make you wonder what happens next, maybe even make you look at some other series to see if it’s real or just another trick by the Orphans of X.

Review By: Kristin Vaughn