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Published: November 2017
Rating: T+
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist(s): Jaun Cabbal
Cover Artist: Terry Dodson

The Orphans of X hit some all new lows as they strike at the Wolverine family with a very surprising weapon. In their hunt for the Muramasa blade, a blade that could kill Wolverine and all like him, they will use some of the most underhanded tactics I’ve seen to get to it, and unfortunately, Captain Marvel won’t be prepared when she tries to help her clawed comrades.

X-23 has been through a lot, like A LOT, though things like that come with the hero territory, but what they do I feel crosses one of those lines you can’t get back from, and I can tell this isn’t how far they’re gonna go. The whole legacy arc has me anxious for what happens next but I will admit it is a little reassuring that despite his villainous habits Daken fights to keep his sister safe, and hopefully, if they work together they can stop the Orphans of X before they gain a truly dangerous power.

Review By: Kristin Vaughn