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The All-New WolverinePublished: December 2017
Rating: T+
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist(s): Juan Cabal
Cover Artist: Terry & Rachel Dodson

The Legacy of The All-New Wolverine finally begins! With her outer space adventure with the Guardians over, Laura must now confront something a little more in the family- the missing Daken and her past as Weapon-23. To save her brother she must journey to the last place she would ever want to return to, but what awaits the clawed mutant could shake her to her very core.

With all that Marvel Legacy is promising with their titles, The All-New Wolverine brings a strong tie in with the character’s past in this beginning issue for a real set-up at the end. X-23 has a history that really has to be understood, you can read it but it takes a lot to understand the character and write her properly. Tom Taylor has been the writer since she became the wolverine and with all the adventures she has taken his writing is still going strong and it’s only backed up more with the book’s newest artist, Juan Cabal, possibly for the whole legacy run we’ll see, and gives stunning visuals of X-23’s past.

If you’re a big a fan of X-23 as I am, I highly recommend picking the beginning to her Legacy!

Review by: Kristin Vaughn