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Marel 2 in onePublished: December 20, 2017
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Penciler: Jim Cheung
Cover Artist: Jim Cheung, Nick Bradshaw

Since the epic ending of Marvel’s Secret Wars event in which against all odds Reed Richards managed to topple God Doom, people have been begging the question: When is the Fantastic Four coming back??? Well ask and ye shall receive, in a step in the right direction Marvel 2 in One reunites The Thing and Human Torch together, both still grieving the “loss” of Reed and Sue in their own ways as fate intervenes and brings the team’s comedy duo back together. With a little prodding from the Fantastic Four’s unofficial fifth member the Amazing Spider-Man (and one other blast from the F4 past which I’ll leave a surprise), Ben takes a trip down memory lane and is stirred to bring the band back together. After an emotional yet stirring reunion with Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm makes some hard calls to get the pair adventuring together yet again. While it may only be just the opening episode to this tale it is one that promises to bear some fantastic fruit! All this awesomeness paired with impeccable art at the hands of legend Jim Cheung brings us a must read for any Fantastic Four fan past or present or just anyone interested in a great story that reminds us why we love Marvel so much to begin with.

Review by: Kenneth Bowden