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Marcus’ Corner

Here you will see weekly articles on owning a store, product reviews, and Q&A about how to start YOUR own business if you are so inclined all posted by the Owner of Mad Ox Games & Comics – Marcus King.


Retailing: The customer is always right?

Owning a game store is a life's dream for many retailers, and that is exactly what is wrong with owning a game store. Most retailers get into this industry thinking "Hey, I can do that better." The problem is that there are no training schools for how to run a game...

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Retail 101.2 Selecting the Site for your Store

Lesson One: Location Location Location: The old wisdom is that nothing matters more than location.  And, having had shops ranging from off the beaten trail, to how do we ever get people to find us, to being in the same parking lot as a Walmart I can honestly say that...

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Retailing 101.1

Lesson Two: Identifying Your Competition. In my experience my competition is any store within 25 miles, which sells the same type of merchandise that I do.  This will include Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Toys R Us, Gamestop, eBay and Amazon.  Anyone who sells what I...

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Retailing 101

Retailer 101. Good day to you, my name is Marcus King, and I am the proud owner of Mad Ox Games & Comics.  I have been the owner of a Games & Comics store for going on 32 years now.  I have also owned other businesses, such as Quick Lubes, a full line Hobby...

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Hello, 2019! Save 10% off any purchase of $20 or more. Simply use coupon code: HELLO2019

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