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Kiss VamperellaThe group KISS is being forced to sign a contract to Evil Incarnate Mister Frehley for a new deal record. KISS chooses not to and the Evil Incarnate Mister Frehley doesn’t take “No” for an answer and attacks some of the group members. All of a sudden a evil woman fly’s through a window and saves the KISS group and fights Evil Incarnate Mister Frehley. Then the woman kicks Evil Incarnate Mister Frehley into a gigantic hole in the floor and tells him that he is “food for demons”. Later on the woman tells them that her name is Lilly and convinces KISS to continue on doing what they do best whether people like it or not. Then at the end Lilly and get friends join KISS and they became a bigger band. This book is perfect for KISS fans and is appropriate for people 16 and up.

Review By: Shyann Gray