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Published: December 2017
Rating: G+
Writer: Sina Grace
Artist(s): Robert Gill
Cover Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

Two Icemen walk into a bar…not sure how this joke really goes but Bobby Drake, both young and old, get to experience the punchline for themselves when their parents discover Young Bobby’s existence. Older Iceman fears the worst, wary of his parents since he dropped the bombshell on them only a few issues before, and things certainly are odd, odder than he expected. Young Bobby is the centerpiece of this issue but that’s not entirely a good thing…

The Iceman series is barely to 10 issues but already it has tackled real world person issues and integrated them extremely better than expected into the world of heroes. Not many fans were sure this would work out for the icy hero, but I’m pleased to say this has become on of my favorite series. Not sure when Bobby Drake’s Trouble will end for him, but Daken’s side appearance in a dark alley this issue tells me like all X-Men- his troubles are only getting started.

Review By: Kristin Vaughn