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Doomsday Clock #1So, the countdown has finally stopped and Doomsday Clock has hit the midnight hour (at least for arriving at our friendly neighborhood comic book stores). DC’s effort at bringing Allen Moore’s Watchmen characters into current DC comics continuity. First hinted at in the DC Rebirth series that kicked off the current Rebirth continuity. Geoff Johns has stepped out of the boardroom to write this 12-issue mini-series with Gary Frank and Brad Anderson along for the ride (and of course the art…). Issue #1 was typical meta-event reading. A frenzied start with thinly veiled references to current political events (which is typical of Watchmen books).

I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t already read it, but you do get so see some old friends along with some current ones as well. If you’re not familiar with the Watchmen, I would definitely suggest reading the original mini-series to get an idea of who the characters are. The events (at least in the first issue) bring you up to speed with the whereabouts of at least some of the Watchmen, and catches up with our favorite Man of Steel. The back of the issue even features some interesting information with mock-ups of newspaper articles giving a bit of a backstory to events mentioned in the issue as well as a glimpse characters and artwork. I have to admit; I’m looking forward to this series and I’m anxious to see how they bring the Watchmen into the Rebirth world. This is a 12-issue series so I will definitely be following this for a while. In conclusion, I’d give this issue a great rating; there wasn’t a whole lot of content, but what there was made a great introduction and definitely left me wanting more.

Review By: Amy Bublitz