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I’ve never read Doll Face before, but we have been selling it very well for months during our Facebook Live Sales (here: https://www.facebook.com/MadOxGamesandComics) for the past 6 months or so, with a growing and growing demand.  I didn’t realize until today this comic is by/from the same team that does Zombie Tramp, which is very popular with our customer base.  I decided this week to read just two comics.  One was the new Legacy #1 from Marvel. Dollface #9 is the other.

I find the art of Dollface quite different from my Walking Dead and Marvel art preferences. I’ve been reading Marvel since the 15¢ cover price era, and have gotten used to that, I guess.  But Dollface was fun.  Dreamy art is what is feels like to me.    The comic is about a witch-hunting doll who teams up with a ghost looking apparition.  In issue 9 she travels on a school break, so I don’t think this may be a typical issue.  I enjoyed the art quite a bit, and based on that, I will likely seek out back issues or the first trade to read and see if it is something I should add to my monthly pull of comics.

Majorspoilers dot com said this about Dollface #9:
Still feeling responsible for the death of Emily’s girlfriend, Lila goes off on her own to reflect on who she was and what she has become.

Marcus Again:  I don’t know all the players, yet.  But, the story is interesting enough with the chain smoking, tatted up main character, the witch hunting doll, and the apparition.
I liked it.  I liked it enough to do it’s review before I do the Legacy #1 review, which I am still not sure about just yet…

32 gs./ M / FC $4.99
Writer(s): Dan Mendoza & Bryan Seaton
Artist Name(s): Zoe Stanley
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza, Colette Turner, Celor
Cover A – Dan Mendoza (unlimited)
Cover B – Tattered & Torn variant cover (limited to 2000): Dan Mendoza
Cover C – Colette Turner Pin-up variant cover (limited to 1500)
Cover D – Colette Turner Pin-up Tattered & Torn variant cover (limited to 2000)
Cover E – Celor Pin-up variant cover (limited to 1500)
Cover F – Celor Pin-up Tattered & Torn variant cover (limited to 2000)