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Dark Nights Metal: The Red Death

Published: September 2017
Rating: T+
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist(s): Carmine Di Giandomenico
Cover Artist: Jason Fabok

What evil rises from the Dark Universe in Dark Nights Metal? Well The RED DEATH has finally given us our first taste at what lies in the depths of this universe and what enemy the heroes of the main universe will be facing. Set in a world that is on the brink of destruction Batman and the Flash are on opposing ends and with one side desperate to reverse the chaos the end result only leads to more darkness- THE RED DEATH. The Flash is my favorite DC Hero so this was a most anticipated issue for me, but it has me shook and curious about how this story will fall into place now.

The artwork matches the dark and tragic tones told throughout the issue and I can only say as a reader I had chills watching these events take place. I was unsure of what to think about how they would introduce the enemies for METAL but it genuinely surprised me as to who RED DEATH really is, and it has me wondering now just who the others truly are and what the true enemy has in store for everyone involved. Prepare with the RED DEATH as METAL takes us into yet another introduction of the new enemy- DEATH MACHINE releasing 9/27!

Review by Kristin Vaughn