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Dark Knights #1 Metal Review by Jason“Cause I can’t stop loving you
No I can’t stop loving you
No I won’t stop loving you
Why should I?” – Phil Collins

Phil Collins and I have been bitter enemies for years (he knows what he did), but I’ll readily admit the man can string along lyrics that speak to my overwhelming and unabashed love for creations by the comic team of Snyder and Capullo. When Dark Nights Metal was first solicited, I knew I was going to be biased to how good it was going to be; but, as it turns out, that’s just the general consensus. So, prepare for some butt kissi—errrr, “high praise”.

For those who don’t follow DC, Dark Nights Metal is the culmination of events that were seeded throughout the New 52 run of Snyder & Capullo’s Batman, the Rebirth All-Star Batman, and the Dark Night preludes The Casting and The Forge. There are dark things and even darker places hinted at in the DC Universe, and Batman has been obsessively attempting to uncover them–even against the warnings of everyone, including his colleagues in the Justice League.

Without giving away any of the mystery myself, I’m going to keep this rather simple. The Justice League (Batman in particular) becomes the target of the Blackhawks since he is meddling in things that they’ve attempted to keep locked away for years. What are those things? Well, it just so happens to be a dark dimension full of pure evil. Naturally, Bats doesn’t listen and escapes his accusers, and his super pals, on a Velociraptor. That’s right, Batman rides a dinosaur in this! Sure there are all kinds of discoveries, great character interactions, and seeing Capullo put pencils to a wide range of the DC Universe is worth the price of admission– but Batman astride a surprised prehistoric beast is the image burned into my brain for better or worse. Probably the better.

Dark Nights Metal #1 sold out fast here at Mad Ox Games & Comics–and everywhere else. However, DC was quick on getting the second printing to stores. As this massive event lasts until February of 2018 and features a number of tie-ins, I recommend stopping in to pick up a copy if you haven’t yet. Plus, Dark Nights Metal #2 arrives in store tomorrow, September 13th, with the comic being available on our Facebook Live New Comic PreSale tonight at 7:30pm EST– so you’re gonna want to be caught up.

Title: Dark Nights METAL #1
Publisher: DC
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Inker: Jonathan Glapion
Colorist: FCO Plascencia
Lettering: Steve Wands


Review by Jason Stephens