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Dark Ark #1Everyone knows the age old tale of Noah and his Ark, how he saved seven of the clean beasts and two of the unclean. How it rained 40 days and 40 nights and how he and his family drifted through the waters until they found land. Dark Ark tells another tale, the story of an ark built for unnatural and mythical creatures that was created in addition to Noah’s Ark.

Things are uneasy on the Dark Ark as it floats atop the flooded world and is filled to the brim with dark and dangerous creatures. Food is running out and word of another ark gets everyone excited and antsy. Dark Ark #1 is definitely a gloomy tale and takes a story we all know well and gives it extra depth and interest. The lives of those on the Dark Ark are interconnected with Noah’s Ark and the darkness depends on the light. It is a very interesting tale and I’m excited to read more.

I give this 4 ½ rainbows!

Review By: Jessie Wyatt