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Staff Comic Book Reviews

Let’s face it, a lot of geeks work at Mad Ox Games & Comics and many of us love to read comic books. Here you will find a selection of fun and interesting reviews of the comic books we love to read. 

God Complex (2017) #1 Review By MaKaylee Adams

God Complex (2017) #1 by Paul Jenkins and Brian Lie. In the futuristic city of Delphi, Seneca, a digital forensics investigator, becomes involved in the investigation of the murders of three religious servants. With the guidance of his mentor, Hermes, Seneca uncovers...

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The Evil Within The Interlude #2 Review by Devlin Schultz

Here is another great video game comic that is perfect for October, this one is based on The Evil Within. This series takes place after the events of the first game and before the events of the second game that recently released. It continues following Detective...

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Ragman #1 Review By: Jason Stephens

Rory is the only man in his unit to return from a deployment in Israel. A deployment which just so happens to include his group attempting to rob a vault within the walls of a holy temple. Things went sideways, beings with glowing eyes attacked and somehow Rory...

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The All New Wolverine #25 Review by Kristin Vaughn

Published: December 2017 Rating: T+ Writer: Tom Taylor Artist(s): Juan Cabal Cover Artist: Terry & Rachel Dodson The Legacy of The All-New Wolverine finally begins! With her outer space adventure with the Guardians over, Laura must now confront something a little...

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RAGMAN #1 (of 6) Review by Kenneth Bowden

The grim, gritty yet explosive first installment of the new 6 part Ragman miniseries is out now boys and gals. It’s a modern take on the classic “Jewish Golem” superhero, in line with DC’s many other “Rebirth”ed titles it is a fresh coat of paint on what stuff...

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Rick and Morty #30 Review by Jessie Wyatt

Beth is having a really bad day in this issue. All kinds of zany things are happening to her to ruin her day and stress her to the max. And on top of everything else Jerry needs her to get him some salsa because he couldn’t possibly go to the store himself. This issue...

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The Autumnlands Review by Tash Myers

The Autumnlands at first I didn't think I'd like this book. It seemed a little cartoony from the cover and I think that's what deterred people away. This book however is anything but, well yes it's a bottle and basically of animals in the society they run it cool...

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Batman: The Murder Machine Review By: Jason Stephens

It turns out that Alfred Pennyworth is a stone cold killer. --on Earth -44, anyway. But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Batman: Murder Machine is the first of the one-shot origins, featuring the twisted "Justice League" comprised of Bat(wo)men that...

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