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Published: December 2017
Rating: T+
Writer: Ivan Brandon, Jason Latour
Artist(s): Paul Reinwand, Matt Wilson
Cover Artist: Greg Hinkle
Black Cloud is finally back from its hiatus and I just couldn’t wait to read it! One of my favorite books from earlier this year the art of Wicked+ Divine drew me in and the story of Zelda and her dream world warrior escapades had me stay. Even with such a huge fantasy world there was a undeniable realism to it- I mean a world of dreams sounds a lot better than reality, but to Zelda it is reality and for her it also wasn’t that great and we got to learn more as the first arc came to a close as to her mysterious past and reasons for leaving this world, but now a new adventure begins.

The arc starts basically in the aftermath of Zelda and Todd’s battle in the world of dreams. Everything is falling on Frank as the world’s citizens argue over what to do as well and quell over Zelda’s actions, but a secret from his and Zelda’s past holds the key to the renewal or destruction of this world, and only angry cats, a scared blue gentleman and three little purple devils stand in the way.

Review By: Kristin Vaughn