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Batman writer Tom King is taking the Dark Knight on quite a ride, and for once, it has nothing to do with the villains he is facing. Back in the June issue of Batman, readers were left with a stunning and heartwarming cliff hanger: Batman proposing marriage to Catwoman. issue #24 ended with Batman on a single knee, proposing. However, before readers get the answer they’re waiting for, he tells Catwoman a story about his battle with Riddler and Joker from his past. Batman had to tell her something he’s never told anyone else. This leads to the current storyline “War of Jokes & Riddles.”

“It’s a flashback story, but it’s him confessing,” King told GameSpot. “It’s him saying, ‘Before you make your decision, you have to know sort of the softest part of me. You have to know where I’m most vulnerable because I want you to love me for who I am, not for who I pretend to be. And this is something I haven’t told anyone.’ And so at the end of ‘Jokes & Riddles,’ he’ll make this confession. He’ll say, ‘This is something I did.’ And Catwoman, for the first time almost in her life because she’s been through everything, will be shocked. It’s something genuinely that’s going to shake her to her core where she’s like, ‘You’re not the man I thought you were.’

While “War of Jokes & Riddles” may seem like a simplistic, stripped-down tale, King explained that there’s much more to the current storyline than meets the eye: “I like taking a simple story and making it into something interesting and deep,” King said. “And right now, with Batman, we have the simplest story ever; it’s Joker versus Riddler. Who will win? But then you start to think about it, and you start to think about the difference between a joke and a riddle. A joke is something that surprises you, right? Even like a simple joke like, ‘why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.’ The joke part of that is you think a joke is coming, but something straight comes. Like there’s a surprise. A riddle is the exact opposite if you think about it. A riddle is, you propose a problem and you solve it. You come to be relaxed. A joke is tension. A riddle is relaxed. A joke is chaos. A riddle is order.

“Then it becomes sort of like what the Joker wants in the world is anarchy. He just wants everyone to not care about what happens next and what the Riddler wants for the world is order. He’s a fascist. He wants everyone to conform to the best way they need to live their lives.” The “War of Jokes & Riddles” is an important element, as it has Batman finally opening up to another person, which could possibly cause a big rift between characters. Readers will finally get Catwoman’s answer, but not until October: “In issue #32–that’s coming up–that’s a huge issue because Catwoman will say yes or no”.

DC Comics fans will learn whether or not Catwoman will marry The Dark Knight in Batman #32, which will be available for purchase in local comic book stores and digital downloads on October 4, 2017.