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Batman the Merciless Comic Book

For those of you who aren’t aware, DC comics has been killing the sales charts with its Metal storyline (Diamond Comics Distributors, 2017). Steadily building over the course of 25 interconnected issues, spanning multiple titles yet existing apart from their core “Rebirth” continuity, this “Other Worlds arc, which began in June, outlined an intriguing mystery surrounding several unique metals. It explores their connection to ancient cults, alternate universes, and most importantly, Bruce Wayne’s lineage and his true destiny within the DC multiverse.

a large collaborative effort between several distinct creators, artists and editors has brought this dark story to life and over the course of the run, readers have been introduced to the Batman Who Laughs, the Red Death (Batman/Flash amalgam), the Murder Machine (Batman/Cyborg amalgam), the Drowned (female Batman/Aquaman amalgam), and most recently, the Merciless (Batman/Aries amalgam).

The artwork provided by Manapul in this issue is incredible. I personally love this art style.

The Merciless is a great example of how to build a villain; make him scary, humanize him, make us understand him, and then have him stake us right in our hearts.  if you are not reading the DC’s Metal storyline, you owe it to yourself to do so as soon as possible, stories like these will stay with you as reader for the rest of your life.

I rate Batman: The Merciless 4 batarangs.

Review by: Benjamin Sellards