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The Autumnlands at first I didn’t think I’d like this book. It seemed a little cartoony from the cover and I think that’s what deterred people away.

This book however is anything but, well yes it’s a bottle and basically of animals in the society they run it cool lessons with Society humans have made up for themselves and things like Dungeons and Dragons for instance. You had the land grazers and then you have the ones who live in the city and the city happens to be filled with magical users who use the land people. In a way it kind of reflects the whole dynamic of Native Americans versus a more advanced people that came and took over the lands in a way.

Well everything goes good for these skypeople obviously but what happens if the magic just stops? Cities come crashing down people who were once your allies become your enemies and search for Power and those who are most desperate try to seek out a hero in this case it happens to be a hero from another dimension brought forth by the last magic they have.

I won’t ruin the ending but you have to think about it a bunch of animals trying to summon the hero they have never met before but only heard and Legend. Obviously these animals would think maybe this creature comes from the dog tribe because of his loyalty or the eagle tribe because of his keen sight and wisdom.

I will say it surprises everyone and it even surprise me. Although it’s in probably its third volume now I definitely recommend Autumn lands it has action and has Adventure it’s very graphic with its Artistry and especially battles and I love the artwork in this. Two paws up for The Autumnlands!

Review by: Tash Myers