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Our Approach

Mad Ox Games & Comics has a unique take on business, and our mission statement represents this:

“All Living Things Need Love”.

We endeavor to treat all our customers with both respect and love. We engage in the local community with Schools, Churches, Scouting Groups, Youth Groups and the local Hospitals, Animal Shelters and Libraries to do as much community outreach and support as we can afford.

As local owners of this business, my family and I work a lot of hours to make a living, while bringing as much joy, laughter and support into the lives of our local customers as we can. Yes, you can buy – literally – every item we sell cheaper online. But, you won’t get personal attention, hassle free returns and a wonderful atmosphere to learn, play and share games when buying online.

We hope you will find value in dealing locally. Join our events in the store, attend our community events, and even seeking employment with us. We host events 6 days a week, have workshops, offer painting and art clinics and teach games to gamers frequently. These are things you don’t get to support when buying online.

We look forward to seeing you in our store.

And, for our online customers I wanted to say a quick word, too: Buy locally if you can.

While we guarantee the things we sell, will ship within 48 hours of receiving payment for your orders, and will often throw in a little extra – if you are lucky enough to have a local games and comics store: Support them if you can. We do not wish to take business away from your local shop, and that is why we do not sell new comics or new release games online at a discount.

Our online sales are a way to service customers who don’t have a good local store. We even offer Comic Subscriptions to customers far away – but we will not undercut your local store. And, that is why we hope you will find our service as outstanding as we plan to make it – because we want to earn your business and your trust, and not just compete on price with stores that are doing excellent work in THEIR local communities, as we are committed to doing. We want YOUR local store to succeed (I even run a store owners forum to teach other store owners about how to run a profitable business).


physical store hours

Mon-Wed 12pm to 8pm

Thursday 12pm to 9pm

Friday 12pm to 10pm

Saturday 10am to 10pm

Sunday 12pm to 8pm

Get In Touch

Call us at 606-877-1450

Visit our physical store

We are located at 205 N. Hill St. London, Kentucky

Meet Our Team

Marcus King

Marcus King

Founder & CEO

Scouted the location for Games & Comics, and had the vision of taking a bare concrete box into one of the most amazing Comic Book Shops in the region.




The Mad Ox

The Mad Ox


Kristin Vaughn

Kristin Vaughn

Retail Manager, Grandmaster

Benjamin Sellards

Benjamin Sellards

Social Media Guru, Marketing Expert, Invoicing and Shipping Associate, Retail Manager

Devlin Schultz

Devlin Schultz

Invoicing and Shipping Expert

Andrew Schultz

Andrew Schultz

Jack of All Trades

Jessie Wyatt

Jessie Wyatt

Website Developer

Join Our Team

We Want You!

We have 2 options to submit your application for employment. Click here to fill out our online application once finished click send. The second option is to click here and print off application fill it out and bring it into the store with a “Spidey Can Do Attitude!”